Forum Innovation VI - Edition 2014
Crise, innovation et transition

1, 2 et 3 Octobre 2014  (Pôle universitaire Léonard De Vinci, Paris la Défense)

Sessions spéciales > Regions and Globalization: Regional Change in Manufacturing Employment

Coordinator. Gioacchino Garofoli


Denis Carré and Nadine Levratto (CNRS and Paris X), French Manufacturing Firms and Employment: Performances and  Location

Michael Fritsch (Jena University), New Firms and Regional Manufacturing Employment in Germany

Gioacchino Garofoli (Insubria University, Varese, Italy),  Territorial development and industrial districts: evolutionary trajectories and transformations in the last decade

Antonio Vazquez Barquero (Unam, Autonomous University in Madrid), Regional Redistribution of  Manufacturing Employment in Spain

Keshab Das (Gujarat Institute of Development Research, Ahmedabad, India), Regional Manufacturing Employment in India: Issues in Participating in GPNs

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