Innovation Forum VI - 2014
Crisis, innovation and transition

1, 2 and 3 October 2014  (Pôle universitaire Léonard De Vinci, Paris la Défense)

Special sessions > Green transition: China at the crossroad

After 30 years of high-speed industrialization and urbanization, China is now at a cross road of economic development. The “growth first” policy has indeed brought millions of Chinese out of poverty and improved the social welfare in general, this growth is also built upon the cost of inequality and environmental problems. The recent “credit crunch”, the increasing environmental and health scandals and the social upheavals are revealer of an economic model which seems meeting its limit. How will China pass through this whirl and therefore transform herself to a “harmonious society”? A response to the need is “green development”, a new decarbonized, less energy and resources hunger and more inclusive economic growth. This trend is associated with an undergoing fourth industrial revolution – the “green revolution” under a process toward green industrialization, as echoed by some Chinese scholars (Hu, 2009; Hu et al., 2013; etc.).

Within the framework of the Innovation Forum VI 2014, we invite scholars and experts to provide their analysis on the undergoing economic and industrial transformation in China and to present their works covering the topics such as (not exhaustive):

  • green development, innovation and social welfare
  •  impact of green technologies on industrial development
  • green innovation and public policy
  •  enterprises and green endogenous innovation
  • green revolution and economic transition

Organisers :

Francis Munier, Beta, Université de Strasbourg

Zeting Liu, Grei, ULCO/Clerse-UMR8019, Université Lille Nord de France, RRI

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